From the Committee


Hello All,

As discussed at the Spring 2013 Veterans UN-Nato Canada National Committee meeting held in St-Jean QC, I will be leaving my position of Atlantic Provinces Representative as of September 30th, 2013.

As Atlantic Representative, I witnessed the effectiveness of a national veterans group that has a minimum of structure. We, as members of this group have assisted brothers and sisters get their lives back on track and in some cases saved lives. All it took was a few phone calls and a few e-mails to get the ball rolling.

Veterans UN-NATO Canada has grown to become the third largest Veterans group in Canada. To ignore this fact is doing a disfavour to the new generation of veterans in my opinion.  Our Vision, Mission and Values says it all. As Representatives, our membership is counting on you to have the contacts necessary to help a veteran when required. Making these contacts is as easy as introducing yourself. Knowing that you have helped a brother or sister in need is very gratifying.

I would like you (Provincial Representatives) to ensure that your nominal roll is kept up to date. There is no way we can keep contact with our members without it.

I would like to thank the past and present National Committees as well as all Provincial Representatives, Regional Representatives and members from Newfoundland / Labrador  to British Columbia for supporting me in my endeavours to represent each of the Atlantic Provinces at the national level.

Regards to all,

Charly Dorais

Veterans UN-NATO Canada

(Retired)Atlantic Provinces Representative

Représentant, Provinces Atlantique 

Spring 2013

There have been rumors going around about the Group and the executive wanted a meeting to address them.

1. Are we going to become M.C ?
NO...... we will not becoming an MC and that is from National
2. Are we going to start paying yearly dues ?
NO.... this was asked by some of the smaller groups to help with funding for them to get started .
3. Was there a national meeting to disban ?
NO... the meeting was to discuss plans for the groups future and look at some of the ROE as we are growing bigger every day
4 .Is there going to be new a ROE for the group?
NO.... not at this time
5. Is there going to be mandatory Events?
NO.... attend as you like
6. Nova Scotia has an executive committee that helps with running the group and in planning events..... that is the only structure we will have... . They are all volunteers and receive no (PERKS) for the work they do.... they do all this work for the betterment of the group. ...and i thank them for their hard work...
7.Are we required to take a refresher motorcycle course.
NO...this is only mandatory if you want to LEAD a group ride...the group has various rider skill levels and is growing each outing...and this is to ensure the safety of all riders....
8. Is a group with a similar patch in red part of us ?
No.... they are a separate club.. ..They are a group from Petawawa Ont that started out with the Veterans UN-NATO patch and then decided to branch out on their own..embracing the motorcycle riding need to be voted into this group and approved by all members...we will treat them the same as any other military group. ~ Frank McLeod


The March committee meeting was held at Angles Bar and Grill on March 12, 2013

Present were :

Dennis and Nancy          Angus Cameron III               Alfie Burt

Madhu Jagat                   Tom "Gooch" Dorrington     Roy Daley

Frank MacLeod               Craig Leonard                     Eric Compagnion



We have a website!!! Thanks to Frank and Wayne we finally have a place to call our own!!! Thanks for all your hard work setting this up.

Our website is a work in progress but we are learning to manipulate it. Anyone with articles or pictures to submit to the website can send them to . With your support we can have a showplace for all our work, play and   information.

South Shore Rep:

At present we have no South Shore representative. Anyone willing to step forward please contact Frank McLeod at for details. Really, we do have fun at our committee meetings so please consider! South Shore members can contact Gus Cameron at if they have any problems or concerns.

Vets in Crisis

Once again this month we helped a veteran in crisis to reconnect with his family. If anyone runs across a vet in a situation requiring assistance emotionally, socially or financially, please contact  or . This what it’s all about.

Looking  for :

Earl Eastman is looking for someone to ride back to NB with after Rolling Thunder 2013 in Washington. If you can help, contact  or  .

Finance Representative

Moe Muise has stepped forward to take over our finance position left vacant when Frank moved up to lead. Thanks Moe. We appreciate hiding the money printing machine in your basement. Keep up the good work.

The Annual Blessing of the Bikes  : Saturday May 4 2012

Victoria Park, Truro. Hosted by Organization of Responsible Bikers (O.R.B.).    Victoria Park, Truro.  Starts at noon, band and barbeque on-site. Vendor’s area. Rain or Shine or Snow. All Ages Welcome! All Faiths welcome! In the past we have arrived as a group. We will meet at the power centre at a time to be announced and travel to the park from there. We request you wear your vest and black pants (or chaps)  for this event.  Pre-sales of registrations for Ride in Red  will begin at the Blessing of the Bikes .  This is one of our BIG THREE events that we would like everyone to TRY to attend.

Bass River Memorial Park: June 1 2013 International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

On the above noted date the Veterans Memorial Park in Bass River will host a full service to celebrate those who have served, and continue to serve around the world for peace. Bill Beveridge has volunteered to speak on our behalf. Thank you Bill!

 In the past we have arrived as a group. We will meet at the power centre at a time to be announced and travel to the park from there.  We request you wear your vest and black pants (or chaps)  for this event. This is the second of our BIG THREE events that we like our members to try to attend.  The park invites us every year to this special event and we try to help out with the park spring clean up and  planting.  Details to follow as they become available.  We no longer have a rep on the Bass River Memorial  Park Committee.

Ride in Red

Plans for our Ride in Red continue to  move along.  We have set a venue . Our destination this year will be the Sea King Club at Shearwater.

Posters are popping up all over.J They are quite an eye catcher. Craig has arranged for Q104 Cool FM to announce the ride   starting on May 1.

Patch and bandana designs were approved and we think everyone will agree they are both unique and attractive.

The BBQ for our event will be handled by Biker’s Down again this year. They did a great job last year. They will absorb all costs associated with the BBQ.

Anyone with door prizes to donate for this event can contact their area rep. Please make sure they can fit in a saddlebag. Last year someone kindly donated a shop vac which was a little tricky to transport but much appreciated.

Registration at the Big Stop in Enfield   from 10:00-12:45. Ride leaves at 1 PM sharp! Area reps will once again serve as Road Captains . Area reps will time their group arrivals to meet up accordingly. Pre-sales of registrations will begin at the Blessing of the Bikes in May.  This is the third of our BIG THREE events that we like our members to try to attend. 



It’s with great sadness that the newsletter The Ambassador will no longer exist.
Due to the lack of collaboration and lack of submissions from the regions, there is no way I can do this on my own. I want to thank my awesome team of translators who stood by me from the beginning. I also want to thank all those who have contributed… including those who sent articles for the issue that should have come out in March.
The Executive Committee will be looking into other venues to share news from regions across Canada.
Once again thank you…
Mélanie Roy
Chief-editor and creator of The Ambassador

 Kit Shop

Visit our Kit shop link to see the new medal available from Roy.

IF YOU ORDER a medal from the kitshop -DO NOT WEAR WITH CF MEDALS !

$65.00 for mounted (you get a big one and small one) $55.00 for non-mounted. Price includes shipping to region rep.Please contact Roy Daley at or your regional representative if you would like one. All orders must be prepaid.

The medal can be seen in the kitshop catalogue.

It can be worn on the right side wherever and when ever you want as long as you are NOT in your military uniform. The medal comes with a miniature medal and an explanation of the colours. You can give it to your lady as jewelry for her support. The blue represents your missions accomplished under the UN and the oceans you have crossed. Green represents the missions accomplished under NATO. Gold represents the priceless value of our Ladies and supporters and their compassion and unwaivering support. Black is to remember those that have not returned or those that have come back mentally or physically injured.  White represesents the peace and freedom restored by our efforts.

A Message from our Atlantic Rep:

Hi Folks,

Just a bit of news from the meeting.

6 July, Tribute to veterans in Ottawa. Tickets for sale in a few weeks. More news to come on a price for registration, parade and ceremony. There will be a river cruise just for participants with music etc for $35.00 a head. More details to come. 

16 August, East cost Veterans Party, St Jacques, NB. Planning has started. Raffles will help cover costs. National is donating a 5 year anniversary jacket for a draw to help fund this event. More details to come. 

The President and Vice President positions will become vacant this fall. Volunteers for these positions can send their resume to me too action. 

The Ambassador is looking for an editor. A translator is in place and Melanie will assist if required. 

Our Honorary Pres. Dan Lefort stated that our group was the 3rd largest Veterans group after the Legion and the Army Navy Air force Association. 

We were told that member’s personal info must be destroyed or returned to the member after the member’s info has been put on the national nominal roll. 

A survey is on the way from national seeking member’s opinion on points that were brought up at the national meeting. Please complete it and send it in as possible changes to the group will depend on this survey.


Charles Dorais Veterans UN-NATO Canada Atlantic Provinces Representative         1-902-847-1875

Motorcycle Safety Course:

Anyone wishing to Road Captain with this group must have this safety course. The cost is $25.00 per person. If you are interested, please contact the  We will need a minimum number to participate.The seminar is 4 hours in duration.

Seminar @ 1000hrs, 27 Apr 13, Spryfield Memorial Legion Branch #152


The topics we cover are very valuable to group riding safety. We review such things as:

1. The importance of the Road Captain.

2. Having a structured ride plan and the importance of following the ride plan.

3. The size (number of riders per group) and importance of maintaining the group sizing.

4. The importance of the lead rider and tail gunner (last rider in the group) in your group ride.

5. Plans in case of an emergency or breakdown.

6. The demographics of the group ride based on the riders. (New riders compared to seasoned riders).

7. Proper formation of the group while riding.

These are some of the topics we will discuss.

Ed Snow,
Motorcycle Training Manager
Phone: (902) 454-9621 Ex 232
Fax: (902) 454-6027
201 Brownlow Ave, Unit 1, Dartmouth Nova Scotia, B3B1W2

2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide Tickets:

CAV Thiepval Unit are now selling tickets on a 2013 Harley Davidson Street Glide.  All proceeds to go to Ridgewood Veterans Wing in St. John.  Tickets are $50.00 each and can purchased through me at K-1, or I can meet whom ever is interested anywhere in the Fredericton / Oromocto area, Cell phone number is 469-0507..  Draw will be Jul 6 at St. Stephen Legion at the end of the "Rally In The St. Croix Valley" event which runs 5 to 7 July this year.

Thanks Earle "Grizzly" Eastman

Anyone interested in Nova Scotia can contact Charly Dorais at